Welcome to Stockwell Academy

Welcome to Stockwell Academy where we provide a warm and welcoming learning environment in which children feel valued, safe and secure. We aim to develop individuals with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and to have the courage to act responsibly on their beliefs.

We develop each child socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually and morally, so that all children in our academy achieve academically and they are well-rounded citizens when they leave us. We are proud and passionate about all aspects of school life. This includes the partnerships between home, our community and school. We aim to provide all our children with the life skills, courage and confidence to flourish in our ever-changing world.

School Times 

From September 2021 we will be changing the start and finish times slightly as follows -

FS1 - Monday to Friday 8:30a.m to 3:15p.m

FS2 - Monday to Friday 8:50a.m to 3:05p.m

Year 1 - Monday to Friday 8:45a.m to 3:00p.m     

Year 2 - Monday to Friday 8:40a.m to 2:55p.m           

Year 3 - Monday to Friday 8:50a.m to 3:05p.m

Year 4 - Monday to Friday 8:45a.m to 3:00p.m 

Year 5 - Monday to Friday 8:40a.m to 2:55p.m       

Year 6 - Monday to Friday 8:40a.m to 2:55p.m      

The NEST - Monday to Friday - 8:35am to 2:50pm

We have kept the staggered timings for two main reasons.

  • From a safeguarding point of view, it is easier to have one set of children arriving and leaving at a time.
  • If we are required to put any covid restrictions into place because of local infection rates, we will already have the structure in place.

Parents will still be required to keep out of the red boxes by each entrance.

Year six will be allowed to enter the building without lining up, and go home without being collected, unless parents/carers have asked that their child does not do this

Other year groups will line up with their teacher as normal. The time shown above is the time the children will enter the school.



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0800 1111 Childline

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Our Core Values

Principles into Practice

Our Vision of education at Stockwell is encapsulated by the three following statements.

They reflect the needs and values of our school community.

They are the drivers behind the provision for our children and families and should be evident throghout all aspects of school life.


Our school was inspected by Ofsted on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

We are pleased to share our report with you!

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Click to Download Stockwell Ofsted Report 2018 [pdf 189KB] Click to Download

Imagine with all your mind; Believe with all your heart; Achieve with all your might.