Early Years

Our Curriculum

 Children in our EYFS follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and much of the teaching and learning is done through play based activities both inside and outdoors. We have a long term plan that maps out all of the amazing experiences and skills that we want the children to be able to have before they leave our foundation stage. Our aim is to create children that are passionate about learning and are ready for the world around them.

Our foundation stage consists of Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

The foundation stage makes a crucial contribution to a child’s early development and learning. We provide a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to the needs of the child.

The children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which is divided into 3 prime and 4 specific areas.

Prime Areas:

* Personal, social and emotional development

* Communication and language

* Physical development


* Maths

* Literacy

* Understanding the world

* Expressive arts and Design

What to expect when

This booklet is really handy at helping you find out more about how your child is learning and developing during thir first 5 years, in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children develop more rapidally during the first 5 years of their lives than at any other time.This booklet has been designed to help parents and carers understand what to expect during these vitally important years.

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