Stockwell EYFS Vision Statement:

In our Early Years at Stockwell Academy, we are passionate about children being happy, confident, well-rounded individuals with a love for learning.  We treat every child as a unique individual and believe our children are capable of amazing things. We develop this through having high expectations and promoting a strong sense of independence. We strongly believe in praising effort and celebrating all the little steps that really make a difference to the children’s progress and self- esteem. We do this by ensuring our children feel safe, cared for and secure in an engaging and stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors.

During 2021 -2022 we worked with Early Excellence consultants to adapt and re-design our Outdoor learning provision partnered with the ‘Shout Out’ project. Early Excellence specialise in young children’s education and high quality, inspirational practice for EYFS.  Through the ‘Shout Out’ project, we believe we are creating the best outdoor learning environment possible with endless learning opportunities and good quality, open ended, gender neutral resources for the children to explore. We feel it is vital that the outdoor learning gives the children different experiences from learning in the classroom and gives children freedom to explore, run, climb, build, investigate, make noise, develop pitch, dig and get messy. We have developed natural areas which enhance sensory experiences and natural life such as grass, trees, sand and water.

We have paid close attention to the physical environment which supports children to be fully engaged in play of their own choice and interest. Resources are displayed so they are accessible at all times so the children can choose where to go, what to use and how. We are keen to promote a love of books and so books are displayed in numerous areas of the classroom.

Whilst we have two Foundation 2 classes and one Foundation 1 class, EYFS work as a shared team meaning that staff get to know all the children really well throughout the day.  This enhances and increases opportunities for shared ideas, experiences and greater interaction. Adults provide high quality interactions to develop deeper learning opportunities and are positive role models for the children. We deliver our curriculum through a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities.

We recognise that children learn to be confident and independent through the development of secure relationships. We aim to develop caring, respectful, professional relationships with the children and their families. Working in partnership with parents and carers is central to the success of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We work together with families, consulting them about their children's early experiences which helps practitioners plan for effective learning, and helps us support our families in continuing their children's learning development at home. We are committed to giving our children the best possible start to their school life, to thrive and meet their full potential.


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