Stay and Play 

On Thursday 21st March, FS2 hosted a stay and play session, followed by tea and biscuits with Child Dynamix. The children were very excited to both have thier parents and carers in to play and also to share these special adults with thier friends. Adults and children enjoyed playing together both inside and outside the classroom, exploring our resources and activities on offer to the foundation children.

For more information about Child dynamics and how they can support families please follow the link.

Some of the many things our parents and carers got up to when they visited our classroom. 

During the afternoon we were left some lovely comments by parents and carers. 

- 'I came to stay and play with Jayke. I really enjoyed myself and did he. He was himself and I have never seen him have so much fun where he can just be himself. Really enjoyed building a path with the pallets. He used it as a bridge'.

- 'Charlotte loves making friends. She's a very sociable person who is always playing with playdough, likes to get stuck into everything, always wanting to do things (Loves school)'.

- 'Really Enjoyed today, was great to see the different activities the children have to play with'.

- 'I have had a great time. Coming to see George play with his friends. I think its a really good idea because we get to see them and what they do'. 

-'Leonie loves school. Her favourite thing to do at school is reading. As leonies mum I have noticed such a big difference since her starting. She is really confident and I love when she comes home. She is always drawing and writing about what she has done that day at school'.

 - 'Likes coming to school to see his friends and to learn new things. He is strong at making new friends and to learn new things'

- 'I am happy because my child is happy to spend time at school. She spends a fantastic time here. She loves painting and getting to know new things. There are a lot of interesting things for children here. This is really fantastic'. 

- Ruby enjoys coming to school because she loves all her friends ans teachers and loves to learn and play. Ruby has come on lads since starting at Stockwell. We are so proud'. 

- I enjoyed seeing Isabella playing in the garden. She loved showing me every area. The sandpit, the wendy house, the music area, the water area and the mud kitchen. We then came indoors and practised lots of letters and sounds at the table. She was very happy to show me how fun being at school is. She is very content and a happy little girl'.

- 'Elizabeth likes coming to school to do her own jobs like playing and communicating with friends and playing on bikes, plus reading books and to help teacher and have fun. But most of all Elizabeth likes coming to school to play in the sandpit as well as packing it in her boots to bring home. Lizzy has really enjoyed having mum in stay and play'.

We hope to invited you back each half term!!