Welcome to the Early Years at Stockwell Academy


At Stockwell Academy we strive to provide our children with the best possible start to school. We do this through creating a language rich, caring and stimulating environment and by offering our children exciting learning opportunities and experiences. We have created a bespoke curriculum which is designed around the needs of our children and community. This allows us to build upon children's prior knowledge, as well as providing them with all the skills necessary to leave us well prepared and confident for the next stage of their educational journey and lives. We are passionate about developing self-motivated learners who love the challenge and adventure of learning.



We provide our children with an immersive learning environment that widens their experiences both inside and outside the classroom. Children have the opportunity and freedom to access well planned and thoughtfully resourced learning areas which are designed to meet the needs of our curriculum as well as follow the interests of the children. Adults in the environment focus on providing high quality communication and language skills through quality interactions and conversations throughout the day.Each term our topic is launched through a series of immersive ’hooks’ which aim to engage and excite the children, sparking their curiosity for what is to come.  Throughout EYFS, our children are assessed by highly skilled practitioners in order to carefully plan for next steps in their learning journey. Judgements are made based on observations and in-depth knowledge of the children acquired through ongoing assessments. Next steps are taught in the moment during continuous provision and adult led activities to ensure children are challenged. Observations are used to inform future planning and effectively resource the learning environment.



The children at Stockwell Academy are actively engaged in their learning, excited to acquire new skills and are proud of their achievements. Our children are happy, confident and inquisitive. Children are encouraged to actively ask questions about the world around them and their learning experiences. Our children are successful learners and they have acquired the necessary expertise in order to start the next phase of their learning journey in Key Stage One.  At all times children are encouraged to imagine with all of their mind, believe with all of their heart and achieve with all of their might.