Stockwell NEST

Our nurture room offers support for children with complex needs and who find accessing learning in a mainstream classroom challenging and often distressing.

 Our nurture room provides:

  • Small class learning, pupils access the provision during specific times throughout the week according to their timetables. Some children access the nurture room for the majority of the week to begin with.
  • A safe and predictable , structured environment
  • Opportunities for children to revisit early missed’ nurturing experiences
  • A modified curriculum in a supportive, caring and highly sensory/ visual environment
  • Interventions for those children who are unable to access learning successfully in mainstream classrooms 

Nurture room staff model positive relationships and put a strong emphasis on the development of language and communication skills and a focus on social, emotional needs and challenging behaviour. They work on following instructions, making requests, respecting school rules, understanding boundaries and developing confidence and independence.

 Children in the nurture room gain skills such as listening, sharing and turn-taking which reduce (or remove) barriers to learning , therefore aiming to enable success back in the mainstream classroom.


Nurture room aims:

  •  To provide a small-scale setting in which children can experience nurturing care from caring adults, who actively work towards enabling their successful reintegration into their mainstream classroom.
  • To have a predictable, calm and purposeful environment and timetable
  • To develop self- esteem and social skills
  • To develop relationships between adults and children , building trust and confidence and reliability
  • To help children learn appropriate behaviour
  • To work closely and in partnership with parents/ carers and staff to achieve consistency of approach at home and school.
  • To provide regular updated assessments which are shared with all staff
    How we do this?
  • Highly visual environment:
  • Using individual timetables with an emphasis on ‘finishing’ tasks and moving on independently.
  • Sensory displays, toys, circuits
  • Routine
  • Feeling safe
  • Unconditional warmth and acceptance
    Our principles:
  • Children’s learning is developmental
  • The nurture room is a safe place
  • Language is an essential means of communication
  • All behaviour is communication
  • Nurture is key to the development of self-esteem


Partnership with Parents and Carers


We aim to actively involve parents/ carers in their child’s journey wherever possible.


We aim to keep parents informed of progress and provide them with support and advice.


We hold coffee mornings for parents to meet and chat with staff.


‘Drop in’ and ‘Stay and play’ sessions will be on offer throughout the year.


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