Continuous Provision in Year 1

Stockwell Academy has just started its continuous provision journey. Continuous provision is ‘carefully chosen and organised quality resources placed in areas which are always available for children to access independently across every area of learning’ (CfBT 2011). Continuous provision enables adults to take children on a journey and the environment is key to supporting children on this journey. Children need to be given time to thoroughly explore the learning experiences, to be able to return, time and again to expand and build on newly developed concepts. We are very lucky to be supported by the school's senior management to adapt the previous year one learning environment into an excited. Children in year one will experience a mixture of extended time learning through play and well planned small group tasks throughout their day. They have the opportunity to choose their learning and independently drive their own learning forward with the help of a carefully planned environment. 

Reading corner Enjoying a story.
Reading corner
Enjoying a story.
Mud Kitchen
Mud Kitchen
Construction Area Building amazing structures
Construction Area
Building amazing structures