Welcome to our year 1 classes!

We have had a fantastic start the the year in Year One!!! All the children have settled amazingly well. Once settled in class they are all happy and ready to learn. 


Our year one class encompasses a varied and exciting curriculum which is taught through a mix of adult led lessons and continuous provision. We know that research says that children learn best when in play. It is an our aim to provide the children with the taught skills which they then have the opportunity to embed through choosing their own learning. The environment is enhanced to allow them to practice what has been taught and to challenge and extend their own learning. 



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Exploring numbers.
Exploring numbers.


Our timetable is a mix of adult-led and class inputs with long periods of child initiated learning. The children have the choice of inside and outside learning at all times during continuous provision, and in all weathers. We have short whole class inputs followed by adult led and independant tasks. We work in a mixture of whole class and focused groups. When they are not in a group they go straight in to continuous provision where there is resources which they are familiar with and also enhanced resources based either on their interests or the skills they have learnt in previous weeks.