What we've been up to in 3G!

Please have a look at what we have been upto!!!!! 


Today in maths we have been making and representing 3 digit numbers using lots of different equipment. 

Woolly Mammoth

We found a woolly mammoth absolutely filthy outside and we had to wash it! Mrs Gibson ended up very muddy!


Using this hook lesson we learnt to use precise vocabularly to give instructions. The children were really engaged and loved the leson.

Mental health awareness

Today 3G looked at mental health awareness we looked at how to make ourselves happy and to make others happy. We also made a pledge of kindess. 

Instructions how to make a woolly mammoth

Today in literacy the children had to follow instructions on how to make a woolly mammoth! What do you think of our creations?

Skara Brae Research

The children had to do some research and present to the class their finidngs - they did very well!


Some children were working in a group today using practical equipment to solve maths problems! Great work guys!