Science - Light

As part of our topic this half term we have been learning about Light.

Reflective Surfaces

I can investigate which surfaces reflect light

Success Criteria

I can explain reflection.
I can identify reflective materials.
I can select the most reflective material for a purpose

Creating our 'reflectors'

One of our activities was to investigate which materials were reflective.  First of all we cut a circle in a piece of white paper.  We then placed a torch into the hole.  We could then tell which materials reflected light on to the paper.

Testing our materials

We tested a variety of materials to test which materials reflected light.

Our results

We found out that the shinier materials reflected light.

Marvelous mirrors

I can use a mirror to reflect light and explain how mirrors work.

Success Criteria

I can explain why mirrors are good reflectors.
I can use mirrors to reflect light onto different objects.
I can explain how mirrors work when carrying out different tasks.


We had some messages written back to front...


We used our mirrors to translate them...


We then translated each meesage!!

Sun Safety

I know that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways we can protect our eyes.

Success Criteria

I can explain the benefits and dangers of the sun.
I can explain about UV light and its dangers.
I can describe ways to protect our eyes from the sun.

Is the sun a 'hero' or 'villain' ?

Our first activity was to look at what made the sun a 'hero' or a 'villain'...

We had to run from across the room to the other and stand under which sign we felt appropriate.

Closing our eyes...

We all had to close our eyes for 30 seconds...

Checking our pupils.

We then checked the size of our pupils in a mirror.

A rainbow!

We were talking about UV light when we noticed a rainbow outside.

Science investigation

We are investigating the effects of UV light at the moment.


Making our pictures

We all had a piece of coloured card and cut out several black shapes and pinned them on.

Our art work

Have a look at our art work displayed in our classroom window!  After the holidays we will remove the black shapes to see if the card has faded.