White Ribbon Day 2017

Grandmother's Footsteps

We played a game called grandmother's footsteps. The children had to creep up on 'grandma' with out her catching them out. We then discussed how we all felt after the game. Some children said they felt cross/angry as they were always getting caught out. 


We had a class discussion about people that we may have arguments with however big or small. These were all of the children's ideas. 

White Ribbon hats

We all made hats for White Ribbon day. 

Different Arguments

We all came up with reasons why people might argue and then we arranged them into three different categories. 1. Let's agree to differ 2. Let's sort it out later 3. It needs sorting out now. 


We made posters to give information on where to find help. 

The Pledge

We all signed a pledge to support the hull white ribbon campaign 



We acted out different scenarios of when people may get angry. We discussed that there could be different signs showing that a person is becoming very angry: Red face, shouting, breathing heavily, clenched fists. 

White Ribbon Fire Engine

We all had the opportunity to sit in the fire engine. 

Police Visit

We heard the loud siren. We all had the opportunity to sit in the police car. 

These hands are not for hurting

We all got given a sticker. 

Police Visit

We were able to ask questions.