Welcome to 4L

 Year 4 Autumn Term

As we welcome our children back from a wonderful summer break, we hope you have all stayed safe and well.

We go into this new academic year knowing how well our children can deal with changes and restrictions that have been placed on our community due to Covid. The children have been very respectful of these changes and followed the rules fantastically. We feel sure that they will continue to do this, if needed.

As the children take their next steps on their learning journey, we are ready to share the expectations for Year 4.  


Start time                                     Finishing time

Y4  Starting 8.45am                   Y4 Collection   3.00pm  

P.E. ALL children MUST come to school in their kit (white T-Shirt and black shorts/leggings or joggers.) Children with long hair are expected to have it tied back and NO jewellery to be worn.

P.E will be on a Tuesday and Friday for both Y4 classes

Our Autumn Term focus question will be a whole school focus and will be - ‘Sustainability in Our Community’ 

Our science topic will ‘Electricity.’

Our topic-based work will be ‘Sustainability in Our Community’ focus and cover pollution, renewable energy, and art from recycled materials.

To continue promoting mental wellness and a sense of community, we will maintain our emphasis on teaching our Jigsaw Programme of study. A programme that advocates our Physical, Health, Social and Emotional learning.

The children will move on to a new instrument in Year 4. They will learn to play the glockenspiel, taught by the Hull Music Service.

We continue to place immense value on reading, and we encourage you to continue reading with your child. Please remember, we CAN change the reading books. Books will be changes on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We will continue to put returned books away for 3 days to ensure we are not passing any opportunity for Covid to be transferred.  We ask the children to read at least 3 times a week. The Reading Reward Scheme has changed, reading stamps will not be offered. Reading tokens will be issued and collected as a class. The more the class reads, the greater the chance of getting the class prize and cup to be awarded for the week. Please feel free to message us via Seesaw and advise us of reading done at home so that we can issue reading tokens.

We are so looking forward to taking these amazing children on their next steps on their learning journey. We hope for a wonderful and exciting new school year, and as always, we thank you for your continued support.   

Mr Fowler and Mrs Lount