Look what we've been doing this week in Mrs Gay's class!

                                           Things you should know about Years 5 and 6:

We have included our timetable which shows the lessons we teach and when but we will let you know if there’s anything unusual like our World War 2 day or our trip to The Deep in January!

We want our children to be resilient, independent and hardworking. We expect them to be on time to lessons and well prepared. Additional learning at home will help their achievements and will be celebrated in school. We have included the spellings that your child is required to learn and we expect the children to use their own time to learn these by the end of the year as well as weekly homework for maths and ready online. We will be teaching spellings and their application in our writing so any extra help at home will consolidate their learning.

We have an exciting new learning challenge curriculum which is inquiry based and led by the children. We have included the year overview so you will know what we are covering and we will sometimes send projects home looking at these topics.

If you have anything you would like to discuss please contact your class teacher and we would be happy to help.


Mrs E Gay Mr A Williams  Mr N Fowler


This term we will be considering the question:

Will you ever see the water you drink again? 


The following link will show you everything we will be studying this term and how we will teach it through our learning challenge curricullum.

Children enjoying our Learning Challenge Curriculum 

An example of some our work last term:

These pictures are about The Boy in the striped Pyjamas and the Jewish people.

Important dates this term

Year 5 and 6 trip to The Deep Friday 19th January

Year 6 Residential to Peet Rigg 6th - 9th February