Planning for Summer Term 2020

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Welcome to 5WB

Welcome to 5WB

Miss Wharam and Miss Bowers both teach in 5WB. Miss Wharam teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Miss Bowers teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Each morning the children have sessions in maths, literacy and guided reading.

Through our topic we learn skills in history, geography, art and DT.

Each week we also have sessions in science, ICT, RE, Music, PE and PSHE which are related to our topic when appropriate.

For more information on our topics this year, please see the link below.


We have PE on a Wednesday afternoon. Please bring your child’s PE kit to school on a Monday and leave in school until Friday. PE kit should include black shorts and a white t-shirt for indoor PE and tracksuit bottoms, jumper/jacket and suitable shoes/trainers for outdoor PE. We are monitoring who has the correct clothes for PE. Children who do not have their PE kits will be sent to another classroom to complete extra work. They will be expected to bring their PE kit in on a different day, to join another class doing PE.


Your child should have a book bag. We will provide the children with a reading book and home reading record. Reading records will be checked twice a week. Children’s books can be changed once they have finished their books. We are monitoring the amount of times your children read at home. Please ensure you child brings their book bag to school every day. 

 Reading Race Challenge!

We challenge the children to read at home as many times as they can! Each Tuesday & Friday we will count up how many times each child has read from the parent comments in their reading records. The children will then move along our reading race and will gain reading points. The children are able to spend their reading points in Mrs Gibson’s shop. We are in competition with 5F so come on 5WB let’s read as much as we can.   


My maths homework will be set every Friday to be completed by the following Friday. Please ask for log in details.


Every week new spellings will be given out and your child will need to practice them every day. Spelling tests will be on a Friday.


We use letter join to support our handwriting development.

Please go to to login. Please ask for log in details.



We operate a traffic light system to manage behaviour. The aim of the traffic lights is for the child to be in green. Children who display unacceptable behaviour will get a warning. If the child continues the unacceptable behaviour then they will be moved to the amber traffic light. If a child complies then their name goes straight back to green. A child continuing to display unacceptable behaviour will be placed on the red traffic light and will take ‘time out’ or even be removed from the classroom. A child can go straight from green to red if their behaviour is of a serious nature. Children that have stayed on the green traffic light all week will receive an excellence certificate for staying in green. Children who have stayed in green for the full half term will be rewarded.


Our school focuses on 6 main values: Listening, respect, honesty, friendliness, caring and helpfulness. Each week, a child is chosen from each class to receive a certificate for displaying one of our school values. The children receiving these certificates are recognised and celebrated.

Red merits are given out every Friday to a child in each class for hard work and effort.


You can review your child’s work and progress using an APP called Seesaw. Each parent/child has their own log in which has been sent out to you. Please ask if you require log in details.

 If you have any worries, questions or problems, please do not hesitate to speak to the members of staff in year 5. 

Thank you

Miss Bowers & Miss Wharam




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