Y6 Science - The Heart 

6WB have begun learning about the circulatory system.

On Friday 26th September, the children took part in two activities.

Firstly, we all went into the gym. Miss Bowers used PE equipment to create a representation of the heart, with lots of input from the children. Mrs Pearson labelled the different parts of the heart with help from the children. We used balloons to represent the blood. The pink balloons represented the oxygenated blood. The blue balloons represented the deoxygenated blood. Some children were then asked to take a journey around the heart using the balloons. They had to name the different parts of the heart as they were travelling through them. 


The children were asked to observe as Miss Bowers & Mrs Pearson dissected a pigs heart. The children could see there was a clear difference between the left side and right side. The left side had a much thicker wall as this side pumps blood to the whole body. The right side had a much thinner wall. The blood from this side gets pumped only to the lungs. They could clearly see the Aorta at the top of the heart. The children were then asked if they wanted to feel a pig's heart through the plastic packaging. They could feel how strong the heart was as they really tried hard to squeeze it.