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Latin at Stockwell

Our KS2 pupils take part in a weekly Latin lesson following the 'Maximum Classics' scheme of work. Through these lessons, our pupils:

  • write Latin words, phrases and sentences to communicate meaning 
  • develop an appreciation of the Latin language and culture
  • develop an understanding of etymology and the relevance of this and the words we use in modern English
  • increase their knowledge and understanding of English grammar and spelling


The Latin curriculum is carefully mapped out, considering some of the following:

  • Are we enabling children to understand and respond to spoken and written language from a range of authentic sources?
  • How is the learning of new vocabulary developed? Do lessons facilitate the exploration of the interplay between Latin and English vocabulary?
  • Is the curriculum planned in accessible step-by-step manner so children can build on previous learning?
  • Are we enabling children to remember what is most important?
  • How do Latin lessons support the KS2 SPaG elements, such as word class, tense and auxiliary verbs?
  • Does our curriculum support effective transition in languages from primary to secondary school?