Writing at Stockwell Academy

We are very proud of our writing sequence at Stockwell Academy. This year we decided to move away from our traditional  follow a sequence of Cold > Warm > Hot.

This year we are looking to fully embrace and immerse the children of Stockwell into a wonderful text based literacy curriculum. 

What the children will be covering in literacy is linked to their guided reading text - so the children have the language, knowledge and some skill base before they begin to write. The lessons will start with a 'hook' lesson where the class teacher will engage and inspire the children to be excited and involved in the next piece of writing. 

Then the children will be taught the skills needed to write the specific genre the class are looking at. This will be taught through drama, hot seating, discussion, plays, songs etc. 

Then once at the end of the sequence the children will plan and write their own piece of writing based on the genre. This will be called the 'Stockwell Big Write' each child will be given a folder for their best pieces of writing to be showcased and these will go up the school with them! 

We are hoping the children will fully embrace our new way of literacy and will enjoy the breadth of lessons and skill sets they will be taught!


Celebrating Writing

Year 3 Hook Lesson

Here is an example of a "Hook Lesson" Year 3 are doing How to wash a woolly mammoth. In the playground they found a bath tub, a baby mammoth (who was filthy) and equipment. They had to give Mrs Gibson precise instructions on how to was the woolly mammoth!

Stockwell Writers!

As a way of encouraging children to write for a different purpose we have introduced a reward system.

Each week teachers decide in their phases (EYFS, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2) on a piece of work to share on our website and Twitter page.

They are looking for the most effort, best presentation and pride for the work.

We hope that you and the children will like to see their work.


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