Writing at Stockwell Academy

We are very proud of our writing sequence at Stockwell Academy. This year we decided to move away from our traditional writing sequence which saw children plan > draft > edit and redraft.

Instead we follow a sequence of Cold > Warm > Hot.

We start with a Cold Write. This piece of writing is our first piece of writing in our sequence. From this we find our ways forward and we work with our teacher and our peers to 'Purple Polish' our writing.

Purple Polishing is where we edit and improve our work using a purple pen or pencil.

Following our cold write we look at what a good one looks like (W.A.G.O.L.L), we look at structure and layout, specific grammatical features and work on our individual targets.

We then combine all that we have learnt and complete a Warm Write. We then edit and improve this piece with our teacher and our peers.

Finally, and totally independently, we complete a Hot Write. This piece of writing encourages us to use all that we have learnt but with a different focus or stimuli. This piece of writing is then assessed.

Please look at the supporting documents for more information on writing in our school.

Celebrating Writing

As a way of encouraging children to write for a different purpose we have introduced a reward system.

Each week teachers decide in their phases (EYFS, KS1, LKS2 & UKS2) on a piece of work to share on our website and Twitter page.

They are looking for the most effort, best presentation and pride for the work.

We hope that you and the children will like to see their work.

We will also be making a book of all the work to display in school.