At Stockwell Academy we follow the Jigsaw programme to teach PSHE. The programme supports staff in teaching children to respect others, make healthy choices and have a good understanding of healthy relationships, mental health and keeping safe. Children are taught sex education and RSE in a formative but sensitive manor which reflects our school policies for RSE and PSHE. We hold regular whole school assemblies to launch the topics and celebrate the children's successes. 

Jigsaw Jenie

Meet Jigsaw Jenie. This is the class jigsaw piece for fs2. The children love to share their thoughts and ideas with Jigsaw Jenie. She usually needs the children's help in solving problems. Every year group has their own jigsaw piece.


Jigsaw Jack- YR1

Jigsaw Jo- YR2

Jigsaw Jino- YR3

Jigsaw Jaz -YR4

Jigsaw Jez- YR5

Jigsaw Jem- YR6


Calm me time

Every jigsaw lesson starts with calm me time. This is a great way to help children learn calming techniques so they are relaxed and ready to listen. Children can use these techniques to help them relax in their own busy days. The chime bar works really well to start the calm me time. We then practice breathing exercises, relaxing our bodies and finding our relaxing, happy places.