Science at Stockwell Academy

Science is one of the core curriculum subjects, alongside literacy and maths.  It is taught throughout school from the foundation stage through to year 6. At Stockwell Academy children explore the world around them in a practical way. We aim to ensure children are provided with and engaged in practical first hand experiences and investigations. Through this approach children will acquire both scientific knowledge and skills. 

In Key Stages One and Two we have exciting lessons. Key Stage One are taught science for 1.5 hours per week and Key Stage Two, 2 hours per week. Some science lessons are taught through topic with crosscurricular links. 


Year 6 exploring the heart

Year 6 has had some amazing lessons this term exploring the circulatory system. They have had the chance to look at a real heart and see for themselves the vessels which come off the heart. They explored the circulatory system on a large scale using blue and red balloons to demonstrate the flow of blood through the heart and how the blood carries oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood around the body. Fantastic hands on experiences!