Spring Interhouse STEM Competition

On the 13th March the Spring term interhouse STEM competition took place. Children were selected from their classes to represent their house and invites went out to invite their parents to support the event. We were amazed at the turnout for this fantastic competition. 

The challenge - to build a boat that would float.

As part of the design and build a 20 cm piece of foil must be used in each vessel. The competition was to deisgn and build a boat which would stay afloat and hold the greatest load before sinking. Each team had a range of resources available including their foil. They had 30 minutes to build and test their vessel ready for the big competition. Competition was high as the teams battled it out for 150 house points for the winning team. 

The Winner...

Whilst all the boats were fantastic and all taking part did a fantastic job!

The winning team was.....

Amy Johnson House!!!!

Well done and thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the event!