Writing at Stockwell Academy

We are very proud of our writing sequence at Stockwell Academy. 

 We are looking to fully embrace and immerse the children of Stockwell into a wonderful text based literacy curriculum. 

What the children will be covering in literacy is linked to their guided reading text - so the children have the language, knowledge and some skill base before they begin to write. The lessons will start a pre-assessment so teachers can plan the writing sequence for their class, making sure they teach a sequence of lessons that will enable the children to progress. Then we move onto a 'hook' lesson where the class teacher will engage and inspire the children to be excited and involved in the next piece of writing. 

Then the children will be taught the skills needed to write the specific genre the class are looking at. This will be taught through drama, hot seating, discussion, plays, songs etc. 

Then once at the end of the sequence the children will plan and write their own piece of writing based on the genre. 

We are hoping the children will fully embrace our way of literacy and will enjoy the breadth of lessons and skill sets they will be taught!


Hook Lesson Examples

Here are some examples of the Hook lessons the children are provided. These sessions are fun, interactive and really engage the children. Providing a stimulus and excitement for the next genre of writing.


How to wash a woolly mammoth - the children found a giant mammoth covered in mud. They had to give specific instructions to Mrs Gibson to get him clean!

Character Description

In Year 4 the children were starting their new writing unit of character descriptions. The children dressed up as different characters and come up with describing words.


The children in Year 3 had to follow instructions (independently) and make their own woolly mammoth.

Stone Age Day - Diary Writing

The children were Stoneage Children for a day, they had to forage their own food, make their own tools and collect supplies. This was to help them write the day of a life of a Stone Age boy.

Non-Chronological Report

The children in Year 3 are about to start their new writing genre of non-chronological reports. They are going to be writing about insects. So they found their classroom covered in bugs and they had to catch them and write about them. 

Foundation Hook Lesson 

The children in Foundation are starting their new book - Little Red Hen. They made and baked bread as their Hook Lesson

Diary Entry

The children in Year 4 took part in a Teddy Bears Picnic

Recount Writing

Year 2 looking at the book - 'Into the Forest' linking it to their recount writing and outdoor learning!

Examples of Writing

Year 1 Pre-Assessment

Year 1 - Post Assessment

Year 2 Pre-Assessment

Year 2 Post-Assessment 

Year 3 Pre Assessment - Character Description

Year 3 Post Assessment - Character Description

Year 4 Pre-Assessment

Year 4 Post-Assessment

Year 5 Pre-Assessment

Year 5 - Post Assessment

Year 6 Pre Assessment

Year 6 Post Assessment