Mr C Coulter

Message from the Principal to all pupils.

Welcome back!

A very big welcome back to the start of the Summer Term.

We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday with your families and it is lovely to see all your happy, smiley faces back in school again.

We have had a wonderful year so far and we have lots of interesting activities ahead to help you with some of the wonderful new things you will be learning. We will also be celebrating our school's 60th Birthday this term.

We will be continuing with our house teams and staff will still be watching out for you doing good things to earn points for your team. Keep up the good work!

As ever, I will be in classes finding out what you are learning and how much progress you are making. Make sure you are always doing your best so I can catch you being brilliant! I will be asking you what you have been learning and finding out how much you know. I can't wait to get into your class so I can find out how well you are doing. 

Good luck to our Year 6 and Year 2 children who will be doing their SATs this term. You can do it - you are all 'incred-amazing'!

If you have any work you are proud of come and find me or invite me into your class to see it. 

Keep working hard and listen to your teachers.