Notice from the Principal

Despite repeatedly asking that parents do not drive onto the car-park we are still  witnessing parents driving into the staff car-park to drop their children off at breakfast club. 

This is not acceptable!

They are putting children at risk as they drive on and off the site. Please stop doing it. Children don’t always see cars.

There has already been one near miss prior to the Christmas break where a child was nearly hit by a car!

Can all parents who drop their children off in cars please  ensure that their children enter school safely, by walking them in through the pedestrian entrances.

We have been monitoring the car park via the CCTV, and have noted all the parents that still continue to drive into the car park to drop their children off. 

Parents who continue to drive into the car park  will be contacted and invited into the academy to meet with me, to explain why they continue to drive into the staff car park to drop their children off.

They are putting our children at risk.  This cannot be tolerated.