Digital Leaders Club

We now have a new group of Digital Leaders. We meet every Tuesday lunchtime and are following a program run by Childnet.

We are learning all about internet safety. When we have completed all seven modules we will then plan activities to share our knowledge with the rest of the school in assemblies and/or posters and maybe share with parents in the form of a newsletter or leaflet.


Summer's Letter to KS2 Children

We have noticed that children in this school have been unsafe  while on social media apps, such as: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, which are all 13+ Even though there are some apps that are for your age, read the terms and conditions, especially the privacy settings! Many people in KS2 have been using these programmes.


Here are some rules what you should do online.


  1. NEVER show your face.
  2. Do NOT show your school logo or tell anybody online your address.
  3. Don’t share passwords! (make sure your passwords are hard to guess ).
  4. Never add your real name on your account.
  5. Never fake your date of birth so you can get onto an 13+ app. * *DOING THAT IS ILLEGAL*
  6. Lastly, many games have viruses to download! Do NOT download anything without parents’ consent.

Lucy's Letter to Parents

Lucy is one of our Digital Leaders and one of the tasks she wanted to do was write a letter to parents about online safety - this was included in our school newsletter sent out before the Easter holiday.


Well done Lucy!!


You can read her letter here -


In our school we have a Digital Leaders Program. We planned an assembly to teach your child all about online safety. Do you know much about it? Research suggests that many parents in the UK don’t know if their children are old enough to use social network sites like:

Facebook … Snapchat … Twitter … YouTube …


If you’re worried about anything your child may access on the internet or what they may see I would suggest that you check your child’s account on any game you are worried about.

I would request that you install a special Family Link on your child’s device. It is special software that enables you to connect to your child’s device and see what they are doing online. It also puts a ban on anything age inappropriate for your child’s age.

Age Restrictions

So, apps have age restrictions some include the sites mentioned earlier in the letter. Here they are …

Youtube = 18+

Whatsapp = 13+

Twitter = 13+

Snapchat = 13+

Facebook = 13+

Instagram = 13+

Be careful

Parents, be careful with these websites / programmes. Although they are age appropriate please look at the privacy settings carefully.

These are: Moshi Monsters, Code Club, ROBLOX and Club Penguin.


Safer Internet Day Assembly

Our Digital Leaders, Summer and Lucy, organised an assembly for the whole school.

They made a PowerPoint and talked to the children about Internet Safety Day.

The theme for this year is about consent. They discussed the meaning of consent (permission) and asked the other children when they think they need to ask for permission to do things, both online and in the 'real' world.

It is very difficult to stand in front of the whole school and deliver an assembly but the girls did a fantastic job. Well done to them and we are really proud of them!

We will be working on other projects over the next few months and will keep you up to date on here!