We are an Asthma friendly School!

We are delighted to inform you that our school has been awarded Asthma Friendly School status for 2023/2024.

To gain this award, the school has self-assessed that the following Asthma friendly standards are in place:

* The school has an Asthma champion;

* The school has an Asthma policy;

* There is a register of all children with Asthma in school;

* The school keep an emergency inhaler and spacer;

* The school requests a personal Asthma Action Plan for children with Asthma;

* The school communicates with parents/carers to keep children with Asthma safe;

* School staff receive Asthma training and have an awareness of how to support children with Asthma

Asthma is a very common condition affecting around 3 children in every classroom across the UK. You can find out more about Asthma and other common childhood conditions at https://www.hnyhealthiertogethr.nhs.uk/


Letter from The Queen

The foundation children would like to share with you their exciting news. The children posted Jubilee cards to the Queen and on Friday we were very surprised to receive a Royal looking letter. We opened it to find the Queen had replied to the children, thanking them for their beautiful cards! As you can imagine, we were all so pleasantly surprised by this! We will be framing the beautiful letters and displaying them proudly in school 

Radio Interview with Miss McKinnon

One of our Foundation Stage teachers, Miss McKinnon recently won a grant for the school from the Shine Foundation to help improve children's speech and language in outdoor settings. To find out more listen to Miss McKinnon's interview which starts at 42 minutes.

Well done and thank you to Miss Mckinnon.

Radio Interview