Mr C Coulter

The Autumn term is underway and the children have made a great start to school life. We have all started school with a renewed vigour, following what was a very tough 2021 – 2022 - not only for us as a school community, but as a nation. As always, our prime aim is to keep our children and our school community safe.


We will continue to place an enormous focus on ensuring our children receive the very best education, so that they keep up with national standards and in many cases surpass national standards. We are always very proud of their hard work and endeavours.


This year we have made a substantial investment in renewing our reading books. This includes both books for our class reading corner and books to be used as home / school readers. At Stockwell Academy we place a high regard on reading and the impact reading has on language acquisition and the wider learning curriculum. Our intention is to make sure that every child that attends our school becomes a fluent reader.


Being a good reader will equip our pupils with the skills to reach their full potential. This will be enhanced by working closely with our parents and carers, whose continued support over the years has proved crucial to the progress and attainment of their children.


I am thoroughly looking forward to this term and academic year.


Mr C J Coulter

Senior Management Team

Mr C Coulter Headteacher
Mrs K Wilmers Deputy Head
Miss S Kirtley Assistant Head
Miss L Kilby SENCO & Inclusion Manager
Mrs S Sykes Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs N Gibson Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs J Wright KS1 Phase Leader
Mrs E Bell Foundation Stage Phase Leader


Our Safeguarding Team

Mr C Coulter Headteacher
Mrs K Wilmers Deputy Head
Miss L Kilby SENCo & Inclusion Manager
Mrs D Balmer Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Y Rooks

Senior Emotional Wellbeing Officer

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Key Stage 2 Teachers

Mrs S Sykes Year 6 Teacher / Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Mr A Williams Year 6 Teacher
Mr N Fowler                  Year 5 Teacher
Miss A Shepherdson Year 5 Teacher
Mrs N Gibson Year 4 Teacher / Lower KS2 Phase Leader
Miss S Kirtley Year 4 Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Miss M Cruickshank Year 3 Teacher 
Miss C Johnson Year 3 Teacher


Key Stage 1 Teachers

Mrs R Grainger Year 2 Teacher
Mrs H Fisher & Mrs L Standring   Year 2 Teacher
Mrs J Wright Year 1 Teacher / KS1 Phase Leader
Miss N Smith Year 1 Teacher


Foundation StageTeachers

Mrs E Leach FS Phase Leader / FS1 Teacher
Mrs M Holden FS2 Teacher 
Mrs N Jackson FS2 Teacher


Office Staff

Mrs G Nixon    School Business Manager
Mrs D Buffey Finance Manager
Mrs S Broadley        Office Manager
Mr J Thomas School Business Assistant
Miss W Baker Attendance Officer




Site Facilities Officers

Mr L Fox Site Facilities Officer
Mr A Whelpton Site Facilities Officer


PPA & Cover Supervisors

Mrs B Jacobs PPA Cover
Mrs C Neill PPA Cover
Mrs A Blanshard PPA Cover
Mrs D Christmas  Cover Supervisor
Miss C Potter Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Bannister Cover Supervisor
Miss A Naylor Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Johnson Intervention Support Leader - NEST


Achievement Support Assistants

Mrs C Binks
Mrs J Rands
Mrs A Frecklington
Mrs Z Laud
Mrs K Jackson
Miss A Scott
Mrs K Eggleton
Mrs J Coultas
Miss E Hunter
Miss R Gray


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs V Moody
Miss S Robertson
Miss D Cobbett
Mrs J Spencer
Mrs M Willis


Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S Ashton
Miss D Cobbett
Mrs D Pinder
Mrs D Marshall
Mrs R Gray
Mrs B Smith
Miss R Elliott
Miss D Carroll
Mrs L Clayton-Woods
Mrs C Day
Miss L Wilson
Miss S Gleeson


Kitchen Staff

Mrs T Harraway
Mrs S Bell
Mrs M Cook
Mrs M Willis
Ms J Spencer