We decided as a school that there are some things we would love our children to take part in during their time at Stockwell. We came up with the following 50 activities -

1. Spend a night in the National History Museum.


2. Spend a week at Peat Rigg.


3. Visit a forest and explore.


4. Visit a beach, build a sandcastle and collect shells.


5. Have a picnic outside.


6. Visit a zoo.


7. Have a water fight.


8. Go to the cinema.


9. Play in the mud and make a mud pie.


10. Learn first aid.


11. Be a radio DJ for a day.


12. Learn how to ride a bike.


13. Fly a kite.


14. Write a letter and post it.


15. Climb a tree.


16. Grow fruit and vegetables and eat them.


17. Visit Eden Camp and experience life during the blitz.


18. Go pond dipping.


19. Visit a farm and learn how to care for animals.


20. Write a letter and post it.


21. Bake a cake.


22. Visit a big library and read a book.


23. Wash a car.


24. Cook a meal.


25. Go on a train ride.


26. Build a den or shelter.


27. Map read and use a compass.


28. Explore a cave.


29. Visit a restaurant and have a meal.


30. Climb a big hill and roll down it.


31. Sing in a choir.


32. Use a camera.


33. Go crabbing or fishing with a net.


34. Build a snowman/have a snowball fight.


35. Toast marshmallows on an open fire.


36. Play a board game.


37. Go paddling in a stream.


38. Jump in muddy puddles.


39. Make a camp fire and sing around it.


40. Collect a fossil.


41. Walk through a maze.


42. Visit a new park.


43. Learn how to sew.


44. Learn how to swim.


45. Make a time capsule.


46. Lie in a field and look at the clouds.


47. Try a new food.


48. Skim a stone.


49. Hunt for bugs.


50. Make a home for a wild animal.