Our role as Behaviour / Safeguarding Practitioners

Mrs D Balmer & Mrs Y Rooks

  • Child Protection, attend case conferences, core groups CIN, facilitate TAF, writing of reports, LAC, Personal education plans
  • All behaviour in school, Independent Learning, create resources for interventions and devise behaviour plans. Provide resources for classrooms, support in the class when needed
  • Safeguard staff
  • Parent support in all matters, personal, school related, home visits
  • Provide advice, resources for behaviour within the home
  • Liaise with outside agencies, sign post parents to relevant
  • Support children with emotional behavioural difficulties and welfare issues
  • Open door policy for children, to play /talk/discuss worries
  • Provide interventions at playtime/Lunch
  • Writing/updating of policies
  • Manage/support lunch time staff/breakfast staff
  • Support staff
  • Trainers in Safeguarding , deliver child protection updates/courses
  • Facilitate Restorative Practice circles Parents and children
  • Lead Pupil leadership team
  • Lead anti -bullying
  • Facilitate admission meetings

We can be contacted through the office by appointment but are available if it is an emergency . Our aim is to keep your child safe in school and create a happy worry free environment, to help your child to enjoy their learning.