Our Day

The children in Reception are starting to get busy. This is an example of our day. 

8.40 - Welcome and Register

Morning work with a handwriting or literacy theme. 

8.50 - Walk a mile. We are building up to a mile. Each day we go for a walk to wake us up and get us moving so that our bodies and brains are ready for learning. 

9.00 - Dough Disco - Dough disco involves moulding dough in time to music and performing different actions such as rolling it into a ball, flattening it, putting each individual finger into the dough, rolling it into a sausage and squeezing it.

9.10 - Daily Calender and number - Each day we look at the calender and use the date to explore numbers. 

9.25 - Choosing time - Children are about to take control of their learning and choose where they play and what they play with. 

11.15 - Tidy Time

11.30 - Phonics - Each day the children will learn a letter sound using read write inc. They will begin to learn to recognise and say sounds which they can use to begin to read and write. 

12.00 - Lunch Time. 

1.00 - Register 

1.10 - Choosing time

2.15 - Tidy Time.

2.30 - Story/singing time. 

2.45 - Goodbye and ready for home. 

3.00 - Home Time.

Keep checking the website this timetable will evolve over time and over the year.